At 25 acres, Bergen Park is one of the smaller mountain parks, but its open grasslands and mature ponderosa pine forest offer an exquisite wooded setting. Located at the base of the road to Squaw Pass at the crossroads of Highways 74 and 68, Bergen Park has served as a key resting spot and popular picnic ground since 1917. Built on land donated by Mr. Oscar N. Johnson in 1915, Bergen Park is a consistently popular mountain park.

A striking stone shelter was built in 1917 in the center of the park.  Built of white quartz and timber, the shelter is thought to have been designed by J.J.B. Benedict. A well house built of the same materials is located just south of the shelter. Bergen Parkway divides the park into two sections. A small monument commemorating the early settler Thomas C. Bergen is centered in the east section and an historic stone restroom, no longer in use, lies just to the south of the monument.

The northern boundary of the park is an RTD Park-n-Ride. The regional Jefferson County Pioneer

Trail runs along the western edge of the park. Buchanan Park owned and in the process of being developed by the Evergreen Park and Recreation District, abuts Bergen Park to the south.

On warm days, Bergen Park is filled with families and groups of friends enjoying picnics in its ponderosa pine forest, especially near the shelter and well house. According to the 2006 survey, Bergen Park is one of the better known and used Denver Mountain Parks.

Bergen Mountain Park Map