Corwina Park is 298 acres in size and provides a unique cross-section of the various plant communities in Bear Creek Canyon.  The land for Corwina Park was acquired in 1916 and its stone shelter was built in 1918. Corwina Park is a wonderfully wooded, small picnic park with an intimate scale. The park straddles Bear Creek and Highway 74, with small developed picnic areas on each side—Lower Corwina is the downstream park on the north side of Bear Creek Canyon road, and Upper Corwina is just upstream on the south.

Most of the park is dominated by slopes of dense Ponderosa Pine and Douglas fir. The Bear Creek corridor includes a narrow strip of riparian communities along the stream banks.  The south-facing hillside to the north of Bear Creek is dominated by mixed shrub communities.  Corwina Park is a key component in the complex of protected open space in Bear Creek Canyon that also includes Little Park, O’Fallon Park, Pence Park, and Jefferson County Open Space’s Lair o’ the Bear Park.

There are three parking areas on State Highway 74 that provide access to the parks.  The first lower Corwina parking area is located on the north side of the highway and provides picnicking opportunities, a restroom, and a short nature trail experience.  The second parking area directly across the road provides fishing access and a short walk to a historic rock picnic shelter.  The upper Corwina parking area serves as a trailhead for the Panorama Point Trail.  This pedestrian only trail provides a steep 1.5 mile hike to the expansive views of Panorama Point.   This trailhead also provides hiker access to the Bear Creek Trail.  The junction with the Bear Creek Trail is located .7 miles from the trailhead parking area.  The Panorama Point Trail is a pedestrian/hiker only trail which is closed to mountain bikes and motorized vehicles. The Bear Creek Trail is open to hiking and mountain bikes.

Corwina Mountain Park Map