The 400 acres of Little Park, acquired in 1917, comprise the first mountain park encountered along the Bear Creek road west of Idledale. To the east of Little Park is Mount Falcon Park and to its west is Lair o’ the Bear Park, both owned and managed by Jefferson County Open Space. With its low meadows immediately adjacent to Bear Creek and its unique octagonal-roofed well house built in 1919, Little Park continues to offer a secluded serene spot for a day by the creek. South of Bear Creek, Little Park is characterized by steep canyons and ridges covered with Ponderosa Pine and Douglas-fir forests, open shrublands, and prominent rock outcrops.

This landscape is highly valued for its natural resources that continue into Mount Falcon Park to the south and east, designated as a natural area by Jefferson County Open Space. This value is also recognized by the Colorado Natural Heritage Program (CNHP), which designated this area as a Potential Conservation Area for ponderosa pine and scrub woodland communities, located primarily on the upper slopes of the park. To help protect this sensitive landscape, no public access is provided across Bear Creek to the steep southern portions of the park.

Little Park serves as the first trailhead on the Bear Creek Trail which connects Lair of the Bear, Corwina, O’Fallon. And Pence Parks.  Bear Creek is open to hiking and mountain bikes.

Little Mountain Park Map