The Denver Zoo has always a place that is both magical and educational, but the Dino’s Live event takes things to the next level. Not only do you get the opportunity to see amazing aminals like Seymour, an 82-day-old Eurasian eagle owlet, or an Amur Siberian Tiger, or even a Panamanian Golden Frog, you get the opportunity to see incredible lifesized dinosaurs in living color. In addition to many of the well known dinosaurs like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and the Dino’s Live event introduces us to dinosaurs that you may not have ever heard of like the Utahraptor or the Carnotaurus.

The Zoo has partnered with Your Hometown Toyota Stores for the Zoo’s upcoming traveling exhibit, DINOS! Live at Denver Zoo. The exhibit, supported by six local Toyota stores, will journey into the Zoo on Saturday, July 1. Running through October 31, the exhibit features 21 life-size dinosaurs, 19 of which are animatronic.

This is a must see event for the entire family. You have to check it out before it gone.

Get your tickets at Dino’s Live
2300 Steele Street
Denver, CO 80205-4899