Healthy_Heart_Fruit_Vegetables1The opportunity for a comprehensive check of your health in a convenient setting is just around the corner! With more than 20 free and eight low-cost health screenings offered for people to keep their health in check, over 140 communities are gearing up to host a 9Health Fair, open to anyone 18 and older. The Colorado Convention Center will host a 9Health Fair on Sunday, May 4th, 2014 from 7:00am to noon. Visit to find other fair dates and locations near you.

In addition to offering free and low-cost health screenings that address today’s most critical health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, colon cancer, cervical cancer, prostate cancer, mental health and more, 9Health Fair also offers:

Screening results, with information on how to read your results, mailed directly to your home for you to share with your doctor. Results are delivered within four weeks of your 9Health Fair visit.
Calls from volunteer doctors and nurses within 72 hours of your 9Health Fair to people if a critical health issue is discovered
Free interpretation and translation services
Free “Ask A Medical Question / Get A Referral” services
Free health education from hundreds of local organizations
Free blood work vouchers available for your community’s underserved
No social security number or personal identification required